Who We Are

People are the heart of Tricomm’s success. Delivering technology services requires people with experience, dedication and commitment to the future. They are senior managers, account managers, estimators, purchasing managers, project managers, foremen and craft technicians. They are our administrative and support personnel. We recognize that our most important service products are our people. We acknowledge that our success is dependent upon finding the best talent and providing that talent with the best standard based and industry accepted training. Our people, through their focus and commitment, make our successes possible.

Price is the competitive value proposition we convey to our clients. We must earn the projects we are awarded and continually look for ways to drive unnecessary expense from our services we offer. Tricomm is committed to growth and expansion of services within our markets. We understand that competitive pricing and a matched cost value ratio are key to accomplishing those goals.

Performance is many things. It is both conspicuous and subtle actions that contribute to a successful project. It is standard based best practices. It is schedule and budget compliance. It is attention to detail and accurate documentation. It is punctuality and professional appearance. Performance is quick response to email and voicemail. It is ownership and commitment for a project. Performance is why clients choose to use you again.

Our Mission: To provide each client with exceptional value in the delivery of the information technology services we offer. To deliver all projects on time and within budget. To adhere to standards based best practices and utilize critical self assessment, objective project analysis and ongoing truing to insure high quality and consistency in the services we offer.