Telephony / Voice Solutions

Tricomm is an Avaya Business Partner and is authorized to install complete traditional telephone and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems.

Tricomm offers economical, traditional systems for clients drawn to well established, distinct telephony technology. These systems support small to mid-sized organizations and provide exceptional reliability within budget sensitive environments.

The VOIP product offering supports scalable cost effective solutions within an industry standard network topography. VOIP solutions can evolve in parallel with an organization’s growth; changing from a small system to one supporting hundreds of users. The modular design preserves the initial equipment investment while allowing for easily installed expansion modules.

VOIP also allows for economies of scale when selecting carrier services. Larger more cost effective bandwidth service can be selected and divided as necessary to support both telephony and data requirements

Since incorporation Tricomm has installed hundreds of systems as both a prime and subcontract service provider. We have worked with telephony system suppliers and interconnect companies to implement large PBX, Centrex and (VOIP) based systems.

Tricomm provides ongoing service and support for our telephony clients. Service agreements range from non-defined as needed response to scheduled on-site support. Most systems are remotely accessible and our trained technician and sales support personnel can resolve many service issues very quickly without technician deployment.