Project Management

The successful delivery of projects within schedule and within budget is a foundational element in the client / service provider relationship. Project management is the tangible representation of commitments made when work is proposed.

Tricomm recognizes the importance of project management and continually evaluates individual performance as well as structures and processes that support successful, on time and within budget service delivery.
Our project managers are among the most experienced in our market and pride themselves on both excellent project delivery and the establishment of long lasting ongoing relationships with the Tricomm client base.

The project manager skill set includes:

  • Strong understanding of technology deployed within project
  • Focused attention to specifications, drawings and detailed scopes of work.
  • Prioritization of project activities
  • Effective deployment and utilization of labor
  • Effective and timely acquisition of project materials
  • Strong communication skills in facing and interacting with the client and client representation
  • Strong communications skills in interacting and collaborating with other trades
  • Complete understanding of schedules, milestones and completion commitments
  • Competitive drive and ownership of assigned projects
  • Ability to confidently react to project changes, expansion of scope and compression of schedule